General Edit

Verdammter Platz is an interesting town in that it produces both crude oil and fuel (although it uses more fuel than it produces until late in the game), it is also (usually) your first chance to buy cars. The Desert Patrol Headquarters is also here.

Buildings Edit

Well (Free)
Desert Patrol Headquarters
Transport Fair
Repair Shop


Population: 179 Wealth: 622 $/Citizen Production


     Fuel:    7020 L/mo
     Food:    6450 Kg/mo
   Forage:    5670 Kg/mo
Crude Oil:    2430 Barrel/mo
Medicines:     660 g/mo


     Food:    8055 Kg/mo
     Fuel:    6707 Kg/mo
  Alcohol:    6683 L/mo
Medicines:    2785 g/mo
  Clothes:     814 unit/mo
    Shoes:     167 unit/mo
  Jewelry:     111 unit/mo
Crude Oil:      56 Barrel/mo


  Textile:    5670 m2/mo
Crude Oil:    2374 Kg/mo
     Fuel:     313 L/mo


  Alcohol:    6683 L/mo
Medicines:    2125 g/mo
     Food:    1605 Kg/mo
  Clothes:     418 unit/mo
    Shoes:     167 unit/mo
  Jewelry:     111 unit/mo


Hendrik Peeterson - $850/mo

Eithan Cohen - $1300/mo

Maxim Salenko - $1350/mo

Ralf Schneider - $1500/mo

Fun Fact: Verdammter Platz is German for "Damned Square."

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