Okaidi is the northwestern most town within the Backwaters. It starts up its textiles production as soon as a shipment of cotton is received by the NPC caravans.

Buildings Edit

Well (Pay)
Doctors Office
Repair Shop
Veterinary Office

Economy Edit

Population: 219
Wealth: 343 $/Citizen


  Textile:   77880 m2/mo
     Food:    9360 Kg/mo
   Forage:    7140 Kg/mo
Medicines:    1380 g/mo
  Clothes:     210 unit/mo


   Cotton:  155760 Kg/mo
     Food:    9855 Kg/mo
   Forage:    6900 Kg/mo
  Alcohol:    2255 L/mo
Medicines:    1879 g/mo
  Textile:     315 m2/mo
  Clothes:     282 unit/mo
    Shoes:     113 unit/mo
  Jewelry:      75 unit/mo


 Textile:    77565 m2/mo
  Forage:      240 Kg/mo


   Cotton:  155760 Kg/mo
  Alcohol:    2255 L/mo
Medicines:     499 g/mo
     Food:     495 Kg/mo
    Shoes:     113 unit/mo
  Jewelry:      75 unit/mo
  Clothes:      72 unit/mo

People Edit

Angela Cordoba - $850/mo
Jozef Kralik - $620/mo

Pakuna Whirlwindhorse - $680/mo

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