Enemies are hostile NPCs in Caravaneer that will attack the player on sight.

Definitions Edit

Aggressive: If they will attack you upon encountering the player

Threat: 1/5 impossible to lose, 2/5 easy, 3/5 moderate, 4/5 hard, 5/5 theoretically possible.

Standard Edit

Your everyday opponents, some can still be quite tough so be careful and prepared. It is often best to avoid fights if possible.

Bandits Edit

  • Aggressive: Yes
  • Threat: 1/5 in SE, 2/5 in SW, 3/5 in N.
  • Notes: Probably the most common thing for you to fight in the desert. These will all disappear for the rest of the game if you successfully invade the Robbers' Base.

Police Edit

  • Aggressive: No, unless you attack Caravan X or another police unit. Each one that catches you will charge you a $1000 protection fee though, no matter how many fees you've already paid. (If its bothering you use the workaround found in the tips section of the wiki)
  • Threat: 4/5
  • Notes: These guys are pretty strong and hard to outrun as they travel at 15km/h (unless your men all travel on jeeps or higher), so if they stop you, just pay the $1000 fee and get into a town to wait the others out. They will attack robbers.

Desert Patrol Edit

  • Aggressive: No, unless you attack another Desert Patrol or a caravan (except for Caravan X).
  • Threat: 3/5
  • Notes: They will attack robbers, and are almost as strong as the police, just nowhere near as fast.

Caravans Edit

  • Aggressive: No
  • Threat: 3/5
  • Notes: Pleanty of loot if you win, but the Desert Patrol will be after you.

Boss fights Edit

These are much tougher than most and can be deadly if you are unprepared.

Bandit's Base Edit

  • Aggressive: No
  • Threat: 4/5
  • Notes: I would advise using grenades and either assault rifles or machine guns.
  • Grenades, rockets, machineguns, snipers: all very good. Assualt rifles might not be too good, though-these robbers have got heavy armor.
  • (From A random man) I don't think you will even reach the base until you are really, really prepared as the robbers will keep dragging away the convoys from you and then attack you.I was prepared with like 4 men.Only 2 of them had an assault rifle and shotgun.Other 2 had grenades.I survived like 5 attacks from roobers by losing only 1 grenade man.Then the next 2 attacks my both other men had died then the immediate attack killed me.(ALTHOUH I did kill half of them.)The difficulty should be changed to 5/5 because of this reason.

Army Edit

  • Aggressive: Yes
  • Threat: 5/5
  • Notes: I would use rockets and grenades.

Caravan X Edit

  • Aggressive: No
  • Threat: 4/5
  • Notes: Once again I would advise using rockets and grenades.