General Edit

Diep Gat is one of the two cities that, along with Verdammter Platz, make up the New Texas Oilfields, which are both patrolled by Desert Patrol. In this area, you don't have to worry about robbers as much, as Desert Patrol squads regularly move around it and attack and destroy any robbers they see.

Buildings Edit

Well (Free)
Transport Fair
Doctors Office
Veterinary Office


     Forage:  7020 Kg/mo
     Food:    5730 Kg/mo
   Forage:    5670 Kg/mo
Medicines:    1380 g/mo


     Food:    7110 Kg/mo
     Fuel:    3850 Kg/mo
  Alcohol:    3822 L/mo
Medicines:    1592 g/mo
  Clothes:     239 unit/mo
    Shoes:     96 unit/mo
  Jewelry:     64 unit/mo


   Forage:    7020 Kg/mo


     Fuel:    3850 L/mo
   Alcool:    3822 L/mo
     Food:    1380 Kg/mo
  Clothes:     239 unit/mo
 Medecine:     212 g/mo
    Shoes:     96 unit/mo
  Jewelry:     64 unit/mo


People Edit

James Brown - $950/month
William Steward - $1300/month
Jorge Arbusto - $1000/month

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