Caravaneer is a turn-based combat game with trading elements made by Dimitry (add the full name here).It happens in the post-apacolyptic world.

You are a man who works hard to get food.You had to go to Poca Casa to retrive your inhertance from your rich dead uncle,who was a caravaneer.When you arrived at Poca Casa,you have to speak to sheriff Macoy,


who gives you your inhertance (A rifle,1000$ and a donkey).Then he gives you some tips.Then you will have 2 storyline choices,desert patrol and the government .Desert Patrol Storyline can be found in this guide.

Government StorylineEdit

Oswald Raff gives you the mission in Qubba.He tells you to goto military base in Fort Goks and retrive an undisclosed man and transport him to Verdmelar Platz.The reward is based on your coversation with Oswald Raff which can vary between 50,000$ to 100,000$.

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