Caganel is the southwestern town in the backwaters. Caganel is also a town belonging to the category about Easter Eggs. Refer to that page for further information.

Buildings Edit

Well (Free)
Doctors Office
Transport Fair
Veterinary Office

Economy Edit

Population: 98
Wealth: $199/citizen


   Forage:    3600 Kg/mo
     Food:   33180 Kg/mo
Medicines:     600 g/mo
    Shoes:     210 unit/mo
  Leather:      60 m2/mo


   Forage:   36600 Kg/mo
     Food:    3376 Kg/mo
  Alcohol:    1351 L/mo
Medicines:     563 g/mo
  Leather:     105 m2/mo
  Clothes:     282 unit/mo
    Shoes:      84 unit/mo
    Shoes:      34 unit/mo


     Food:    29804 Kg/mo
    Shoes:      176 Kg/mo
Medicines:       37 q/mo


  Alcohol:    1351 L/mo
  Clothes:      84 unit/mo
  Leather:      45 m2/mo

People Edit

Milena Vaculik - $460/month
Pedro Rodriguez $520/month

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